The Mixtape – By Brad Robinson

There are some very cool aspects to owning a “classic” car. Yes, I know, it’s a red 1991 Dodge Shadow convertible. It’s deemed a “classic” thanks to its age, and not necessarily for its curb appeal. But I love that little car. And... read more

WITHOUT A NET (Brad’s Blog series)

There’s something to be said for throwing yourself off a cliff. It would seem that 2015 is the year that, musically, I’m doing just that.  For better than two years now, I’ve been part of an ever-evolving musical journey with singer/songwriter Rollie... read more


Hi Folks, on the front page, as well as a few of the other pages there is an email widget (the music player with the goat on it).  Sign up for our monthly email and receive a 5 song EP that you can download and put on your MP3 player or whatever you are using these... read more


About two weeks ago I submitted my song, Dog Day Afternoon, for a crowd review as I have done in the past.  What is a crowd review you ask?  Reverbnation sends a song that a performer has chosen from his catalogue to the general public.  The more you pay the more... read more


Hey, you made it!  Welcome to!  Our web team has been putting in the overtime to get the website ready, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  Over the next little while you’ll see more additions to ... read more