About two weeks ago I submitted my song, Dog Day Afternoon, for a crowd review as I have done in the past.  What is a crowd review you ask?  Reverbnation sends a song that a performer has chosen from his catalogue to the general public.  The more you pay the more reviews you receive, I paid the minimum 10.00 and received 20 reviews.  If you score high enough through public reviews you may receive a Featured Performer spot on Reverbnation.   Well, I scored an 8.1 our of 10 which was more than enough. I should find out in about 10 days when the feature spot will be and will keep you posted.  Reverbnation is a music fan/artist platform with 3.6 million users so the amount of people that could hear one of my songs could be huge…probably not but it’s all gravy!  I have attached a few of the quotes below if you’d like to read them and if your an artist and want to know what the review package looks like, let me know and I’ll email it to you, cheers ~ Rollie

“Right from the start, this song is so kitschy and unique sounding, you want to keep listening. The country lyrics start up and you are hooked! The lyrics are well written and interesting. They paint a picture in your mind. This song is a mix between Blake Shelton and Hooty and the Blow Fish, which surprisingly works well! The rhythm and beat are really great. The guitar sounds great and seems seamless. The volume is done well, you can hear every element of the song well. Nice song.”

“The intro is engaging and alluring. The tempo is cheerful and beautiful. The lyrics are energetic and positive. The singer has a great voice and sings very clear and on key. This makes him easy to understand. The song length is perfect. I am a fan of how balanced the combination of instruments used are. I would recommend this song to my friends and family. This is appropriate for all ages and leaves me feeling happy. I believe this song is a hit.”

“this country singer has a very diffrent sound to him. it is very unique and the message is beautiful. the violin in the background sounds great and i feel like it has a mexican feeling to it. the vocals sound great and he can deffitnly sing. the vibe it bring is to hold my girl and dance with her. i like it.”

“The live sound of the drums is refreshing. They seem to draw in a live bayou band which is quite talented. The lyrics are simple, but poetic. The zydeco feel is awesome. I’d love to see more of this on country stations because it shows what outlying country is really like with music. This would be a refreshing change of pace when it comes to country.”